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I trained at the London Guildhall and Kent institute of Art and Design for my Bachelor of arts degree

Completing years of training in many  fields to do with art and design I have combined all my skills -  some of my works become Oil paintings - Photographic designer images - printed on various materials or even jewelry.

I have sold and exhibited in many countries - now based in the Algarve I  take my inspiration from my journeys around Portugal - Spain  and recently Vietnam - Cambodia - Thailand

If you are interested in my work please contact me using the form

I hope you enjoy viewing my work 

My Designer images are designed from my photographs,  I take these photographs with my designs in mind working them on the computer to transform them into designer art works or  three dimensional pieces.

I also take commissions for Paintings made from my designer images

Not all my photographs become designer images some become straight prints or paintings or even fabrics for different uses.